Over the years the name of Yazd in the production of non-metallic minerals industry incorporated in Iran. Production of ceramic products, including tiles, sanitary porcelain, industrial ceramics and refractories in Yazd has a long history and many experts in the field has provided not only for the industy, but also for refractory ceramic industry. The shareholders and directors of the ASPREF.Co. With valuable experiences in the refractories industry have started their work with hopes of boosting consumer industries such as steel, cement, copper, oil and petrochemicals. With the aim of serving them, their activities has begun in 2014 for the production of refractory products with a capacity of 20 thousand tons per year in two phases. Factory mass production and special parts in the first phase is operational.

Central office & Mass production factory

Phase one address: Yazd to Kerman Road, Mehriz Industrial City, Yas Blvd. Rose St. No.397
CEO Phone: +989131547416

Refractory bricks & Special Parts Factory

Address: Yazd to Kerman Road, Mehriz Industrial City, Yas Blvd. Orkideh St.

Contact Us

Phone : +98-3532553543
Fax : +98-3532553542
Zipcode : 8981187383
Sales unit : +98-9132519644
CEO Mobile : +989131547416

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